Appliance Repair Brooklyn, NY - Refrigerator Repair & Service

Appliance repair Brooklyn, NY: A family owned and operated company serving the Brooklyn community for over 15 years. we are one of the most trusted appliance repair company.

We provide door to door repairs for the following appliances: Refrigerator repair and service, Washer/Dryer Repair, Dishwasher, Washing machine, Gas & Electronic or Propane Stoves, Ranges, Ovens, Dryer Cleaning, Air conditioning, at a competitive price.

We offer full preventive maintenance on most appliances to keep them running at full efficiency and to avoid costly repairs. We offer $20 off repairs and maintenance. Dryer Cleaning spacial $89

We are professional technicians who will handle your appliances in a proper and respectable manner. We are fully licensed and insured, ready to take on any repair task. At King Appliance Repair, we make customers our top priority.


A/C Troubleshooting & Diagnostic - We service all makes and models of A/C - Your A/C blowing hot air, not cool enough. We can help! $20 discount for all Senior Citizen (Service charge not included)
Just call us at 917-627-4171.


We troubleshoot and repair any noise coming from your refrigerator wheither it's the evaporator,  fan motor, or the condensor fan motor.  We diognose leaks, defrost timer, defrost heater, defrost thermostat or air inlet damper in the event your fridge is too warm.


A washing Machine is another important appliance in your household. If you ever find yourself in such situation, and feel the need of a reliable and trusted appliance repair service in the Brooklyn area, you are in the right place.
See what we cover


Are you looking to make your dryer last longer, get the most for your money. We are professionals and have the required skills, experience, and knowledge to handle the problem. Give us a call and one of out technician will be at your door in minutes! Fast and Reliable service. Read more

Affordable Appliance Repair - Best Rate In Brooklyn, New York

Our low repair service fee of $59.00 call, makes us the most affordable appliance repair shop in the Brooklyn Area. Our work is fully guaranteed. Wait No Longer, Get your Refrigerator fix Today At A Price You Can afford.

air-conditioning repair

Air conditioning

Air conditioning maintenance: We offer offer full service and maintenance on most Air Conditions brands & Models for a small fees.

We do the following: Check Thermostat, Condenser coil, Refrigerant Charge, Clean Evaporator, Check Filter, Remove Debris.
Summer is upon you, don't wait!

Take action now by Calling 917-627-4171

appliance repair brooklyn

stove/range / oven

Stove, Range, and Ovens are the most important appliance in any household. They are used daily.

Therefore, maintenance and safety procedures are essential for proper, safe operation, and to avoid expensive repairs.

We offer preventive maintenance for a small fee on most stove, range, cooktop for a reasonable price.

For furter info call 917-627-4171

dishwasher repair


Your dishwasher stops working, no sound, water or light, does not fill with water,
drains while fiiling, door not closing, not starting. We can help!

We offer complete diagnostic on most models and brands dishwashers. 

We will troubleshoot and repair the problem upon your permission. 

Do not delay, Call us right away at 917-627-4171

washer/dryer repair

Dryer Cleaning

If you are having issues with your washer or dryer?  We can help.

We also offer dryer cleaning service for as low as $89. Including: Dryer exhaust vents, Dryer Drums, Lint Trapper, Deep Clean inside the machine.

Dirty dryer can lead to higher electricity bill and is a fire hazard.

To schedule maintenance, service. Call 917-627-4171

Need Appliance maintenance, Repair, or Service For Any Home Appliances, Call Us Now, A Trusted Local Business Serving Brooklyn for over 10 Years. Avoid Big Unecessary Repair Cost From Sub-Contractors - Contact Us and We Will Work With You.
Phone Number: 917-627-4171

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